Take the Highway That’s the Best

Somewhere in Oklahoma, we found this dilapidated building and a strange 3-legged chair just hanging out on the sidewalk. The oddest thing was the fact that this building and chair were only 2 blocks away from the major downtown center of whatever town we happened to be in at the time. Downtown, there were groups of people walking the streets, shoppers of every kind, locals, and even some tourists. And, yet, no one was disturbing this solitary 3-legged beautiful chair. How it was able to lean at the exact same angle as the old building completely eludes me. It made me wonder: Who put the chair there on the sidewalk? How many people had passed the chair without even giving it a second glace?  Even this scene can be stereotyped as impoverished, old, and ugly; and yet, when one looks closer, one can see the innate beauty in this rubble.


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