Oklahoma City Looks Oh So Pretty

My bug was jealous; I'm not going to lie.

Route 66 vs. the Interstate

The wonderful thing about road trips is that you never know what you are going to see around the next bend. You never know what wrong turn might lead you to something new and exciting that is just off the beaten path. Life is like that too if you really stop to think about it. We can make all the plans that we want and keep to a specific daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule, but you cannot plan everything. Life has its own twists and turns. The key is to bend and sway with life just as Route 66 bends and sways with the land. Often people try to take the quickest route in life by pushing straight through on the interstate. But, those people miss out on some of the beauty and excitement of life. The unexpected usually produce the fondest memories.  So, take a lesson from Route 66 and get off the interstate of your life and explore the opportunities on the highway.


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