My way…

Dots Mini Museum in Vega, TX is just outside of Amarillo. When they say mini, they mean mini. The “museum” is in 2 storage sheds at Dot’s house. Visitors are greeted by Dot’s little dog who barks up a storm in excitement to welcome out-of-towners.

When we arrived at the mini museum, we weren’t even sure if we were in the right place. We were startled by the fact that we were LITERALLY at Dot’s house. After the pup announced our presence, Dot’s daughter, Betty, came out of the house and instantly started telling us stories about her mother. Unfortunately, Dot passed away the past year, but Betty has moved into the house and taken over the museum. She had no problem with dropping everything she was doing and spending an hour showing off her mother’s collection and sharing stories. One shed contained vintage odds and ends that Dot had collected throughout her life. Dot’s parents used to own a general store in town, so most of the items are from the store. It was such a beautiful collection of organized chaos!The second shed contained western artifacts that dot collected from the various ranches around Vega. Each of the local cowboys who passed away left their cowboy hats to Dot as a memorial. Dot also used to walk through the river bed and collect old tools, guns, hats, bottles, and even an old fiddle (seen to the left). Fiddles were expensive and hard to come by. Was the fiddle stolen? Did the owner pass away and the fiddle was left behind? What tunes have been played on the fiddle and how much joy has this simple instrument brought to its listeners? It really makes you wonder.

Betty is so kind to share her life and her mother’s life with Route-66’ers. I can’t imagine opening up my entire home to complete and utter strangers. She was one of the sweetest and most entertaining people we met on the route. She didn’t care who we were or where we were from. She just wanted to open her heart and her home to the world. How is that for breaking a stereotype?


3 thoughts on “My way…

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  2. Well, Marissa, really fun reading all about your travels, and staging children’s camp, and the recital, and Opera SLO gig. I’ve been gone a lot this summer, with many projects and responsibilities, and was so sad to miss “Pied Piper”. Would have loved that, but was comforted because you and Katelyn were there to take care of everyone. Hope to see you soon, and much love to you, Jackie

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