From Chicago to La

“OH! We’re halfway there! Oh, oh! Livin’ on a prayer!”

We made it to the midpoint of the entire Route 66….. Home of the Midpoint Cafe. Famous for its ugly crust pie. This cafe was visited by John Lasseter prior to the creation of “Cars”. He drew caricatures of the owners and gave them doodles of Mater and other Cars characters.

On other roadtrips, you never really know when you reach the exact midpoint of your journey. In fact, in life, you never know when you reach the exact midpoint because you never know where you are going, even though you know where you came from. It’s an interesting thing to think about. The next time you think about the beginning and the end of a phase in your life, stop and think about the middle. Sometimes the middle is the best part…. especially when you are talking about the ugly crust pie.


4 thoughts on “From Chicago to La

  1. motorsyndicate says:

    The Tow Mater doodle appears to be dated 2009. Is that correct? (I’m doing some historical research on the Midpoint Cafe and am trying to pinpoint when this was actually drawn) Thanks (and I hope you respond. It would be appreciated!)

  2. motorsyndicate says:

    That seems odd since the movie was released in 2006 and pixar crew explored the route in 2001. Just wondering if the “9” in the 2009 might be a “0”?

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