More Than 2,000 Miles

Glenrio, TX is a real ghost town right on the state line between Texas and New Mexico. I wonder why the major ghost towns always seem to be on the state lines. Only one occupant still lives in Glenrio. Well, one human and his 20 or so dogs which greet visitors. The town is a large collection of abandoned buildings including a post office. Our favorite building in the place was an old garage which was so worn that you could literally see through the building to the endless prairie on the other side. Again, this was another surreal moment in our trip. We felt like we were the only two people on the entire planet.

People had used the building for target practice, so the windows were shattered and bullet holes created a patchwork on the metal framework. In the wind, the building creaked and groaned as if complained about its years of disuse and exhaustion. The building was just biding its time waiting for mother nature to reclaim the land. What a sad tribute to what must have been a booming business when the Route went through the town. Now, even Route 66 was little more than a dirt road.  All things must come to an end, I suppose, but this building kept its dignity to the last. Even patched with bullet holes, the building maintained its integrity and class.

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