On Route 66!

One of the most amazing, picturesque, and surreal stops on our Route 66 tour was our stay at the Wigwam motel in Holbrook, AZ. We literally slept IN a wigwam. I mean, it wasn’t a real wigwam. It was a concrete building which looks like a wigwam. But, still, the motel has been there since the Route’s hay-day. The current owners collect old cars and he parks them at each wigwam entrance. So, not only do you get to experience sleeping in an adorable, and surprisingly spacious, wigwam, but you also get to witness your own personal car show.

One of these cars is not like the others

When we returned from our dinner at an authentic, if slightly awkward, Mexican food diner, the sun was setting and providing an ethereal glow to the wigwams and old cars. I must have been outside for 45 minutes taking pictures of the cars…. always hoping that the elusive perfect shot would arrive. That night I counted 200 pictures taken in just 45 minutes time. The girl at the check-in counter must have gotten a kick out of seeing me run around the place constantly snapping photographs because she turned on the nostalgic neon signs while I was out there. As soon as the sun had set and I returned to my own wigwam, the neon went out…. which leads me to believe that she turned on the neon just for me. This is yet another example of a kind gesture that does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Her kindness led to one of my favorite moments on the trip. Not only that, but this was also my favorite hotel that I have ever stayed at… in my life… even when compared to a spa in Victoria, Canada which had its own jacuzzi spa tub. This one hotel stay broke another stereotype. Sometimes the small, inexpensive, mom-and-pop motels are more exciting and memorable than all the expensive, luxury suites combined.


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