The journey of a lifetime

Today marks the beginning of a new journey. Unlike my previous adventures, this one is a journey inward…… Well, actually, I do have to get myself to Massachusetts first. I am on my way to the Frog Lotus Studio for my yoga teacher training. Since my first yoga class 5 years ago, getting my yoga certification has been one of those goals. You know… The ones which you put off and always find an excuse to keep you from it. Last month, I got tired of creating excuses, tired of putting it off, tired of saying “I can’t.” So, here I am, the day after finishing the SLO opera camp, a harrowing 10 days of stress and anxiety complete with the loss of my voice, waiting in an airport for a change of locale, a change of body, and a change of soul. Join me as I head on this amazing adventure.



3 thoughts on “The journey of a lifetime

  1. Wherever you go my heart goes with you. I’ll miss you so but I know that you will enjoy the experience. Kudos to you for following through with your goal. Namaste honey!

    • The program is a month long and it’s in Mass. because it was the only program that I could attend to get my training in only a month (it’s usually a year and you do every weekend). Plus, it’s my style of yoga. I am nervous and excited at the same time!

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