30 stories

People fascinate me. They always have. Each life story is like opening up the most amazing novel…. Except these novels are living, breathing, 1st-person narratives. This yoga teacher-training program contains the most eclectic and unique group of people who would be any novelist’s dream to meet. There is the girl fresh off of a self-sustaining yoga farm in costa rica, the army broadcast journalist who has been all over the world, the massage therapist from Amsterdam, the actor/dancer who is currently in Tennessee but did stints all over the US, the bartender from the Czech Republic who currently lives in Virginia, and the opera singer from a small town in California. These 30 people with ages ranging from 19 to 65 all share one common thread: the desire to make a drastic life change through a dedicated yoga practice. After only one day, I feel such a deep connection to each of these amazing yogis. I only hope that one day I will be a part of their life’s story as they are already a part of mine.



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