Silence is golden

We all know that old adage, silence is golden. Almost everyone was taught this as a child when their parents or teachers really just wanted a moment’s quiet time. Personally, I’ve never really believed this statement. How can you get to know someone in silence? How can you really connect to that person or to yourself without discussion, conversation, and dialogue? This morning I had to learn. That’s right, we are required to be silent between the hours of 5:30 AM through 9:15 AM. Now, I usually do this anyways, but that’s because my nocturnal schedule means that I am still asleep during those hours. But now, wake up, through breakfast, through meditation, through our 2 hour yoga class is in complete silence (except for the teacher, of course.) This morning, my usual friendliness was at a loss. How do I convey “good morning” without the actual words? How do I ask someone for a glass of water without physically asking? How do we tell the teacher that there is a deceased bat on the floor of the studio without the use of speech (yep, that actually happened today.) This morning ended up being an amazing study of energy, gesture, and presence. By the time our ability to speak was returned, we had become so in tune with each other that words were almost unnecessary…. Well, that is, until the lunch-hour story-time began again. We vocalists focus on the use of verbal communication so much that we often disregard the strength that our silent bodies possess. So much can be said with clarity within that golden silence. I wonder what will be said tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Silence is golden

  1. Think about it Willow never speaks or barks for that matter and yet he says so much with his body, with a look or an ear twitch. We can learn alot from our furry friends. So…about the deceased bat..ewwww, Did they cleanse the floor. I mean I wouldn’t want to downward dog at that specific spot. Not without some pine sol anyway

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