Karmic lesson

After just completing an entire blog post on ahimsa, non-harming where I talked about our culture’s dependency on always striving to be better and “Reaching for the stars” and being an over-achiever myself…. Exemplified in the fact that I was awake doing this blog post when really I should be sleeping for tomorrow’s 5:30 AM wake-up time and I really should be practicing ahimsa on myself and go to sleep…. my phone didn’t save my long, eloquently written post and the whole thing was lost. I get the point, karma. I am going to bed. Namaste everyone.


One thought on “Karmic lesson

  1. Sometimes karma just has to jump on your head to get you to stop and pay attention…or put mulch on your floor. Still would have liked to read what you had to say. Bet it was great.

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