An attitude of gratitude

Thank you. We all say it countless times throughout the day (well, most of us do); however, how many of us just say it automatically, without meaning behind the words? When a server brings you your food, when someone opens the door for you, when you sneeze and when someone says “god bless you,” we all usually say say thank you without a second thought. However, when someone truly puts intention behind those words and expresses their real gratitude, those two words become very powerful indeed. Gratitude. What does that word mean? Thankfulness, gratefulness, appreciation… All of these words fail to exemplify a feeling of true gratitude. In Yesterday’s yoga philosophy class we entered into the topic of gratitude as one participant shared their gratitude journal with the class. Yes, he got the idea from Oprah, but his daily 5 entries of things he is grateful for has helped to cultivate an awareness of the blessings in his life: especially on those no-good-very-bad days. When you are forced to nightly look back at your day and find at least 5 things to be grateful for, you find that your mental focus shifts to the positive: even when your over-all life situation may seem less than ideal. If you think about the negative, that’s what will come to you. If you think about the positive, that’s what will come to you. Scientifically, this is the law of attraction. If you think it, it will come. So, cultivate an attitude of gratitude and you will find more meaning behind your daily thank you’s. Thank you for reading…. and I really mean it.

My new gratitude journal. One of the things I am grateful for today.


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