Balance is bliss

Yes, I’m at a yoga teacher training program, but, no, I’m not talking about the balance postures of dancer pose, eagle pose, or even half moon. I am talking about balance in life: finding a happy medium in everything you do. Today I just completed my 3rd teaching session here at Frog Lotus Studio. The first two times I taught, I was stumbling over my Sanskrit and my anatomical cues as I fumbled my way through the sun salutations, a warm up, and guided meditation. However, throughout these two sessions, my greatest gem as a teacher was my personality. I tried to make it fun using creative analogies and an intense connection with my students. One of the participants told me that I needed to figure out the technical aspects, but that she just felt so at ease because I was so open and focused on her. When someone tells me I need more technical know-how, I hit the books… literally. So, I spent the next few days running through my next teaching sequence, practicing the Sanskrit until it easily rolled off my tongue and learning every anatomical cue for every pose in my sequence: the classic over-preparing side of Marissa. Needless to say, my sequence today was perfectly timed, the breathes were in all the right places, my Sanskrit was impeccable… and I had no connection whatsoever with my students. I went so quickly into drill-sargent mode that I forgot to actually interact with the people in front of me. When everyone told me that they felt disconnected to me as a teacher, I was completely confused. How did my pros and cons as a teacher suddenly switch places? The answer: balance (or the lack, thereof). Finding that happy medium is always a challenge for me. Knowing when to work and when to play, when to do exercise and when to rest, when to practice, and when to take a break has never been one of my strong points. This “place of potential growth” was starkly brought to my attention in today’s teaching session. Not only did I learn to teach a yoga flow, but I also learned how important balance is. It’s not about perfection and it’s not about personality; it’s about finding that middle ground and finding your blissful balance, be it in a handstand or on the teacher’s mat.


2 thoughts on “Balance is bliss

  1. Words to live by. We strive so much to be perfect but mostly it’s whoever is in our general vicinities idea of perfect. You are on a great path to find balance. …Now about that headstand….Can you teach me that????

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