Roll away your stone

At the beginning of this year’s yogic journey, Mumford and Sons came out with their amazing album “Sigh no more,” a collection of beautiful and inspiring songs, very yogic in nature but loved by the non-yogis of this world. During some of my toughest days, I would blast the album in my car, singing at the top of my lungs as I raced to my life-saving yoga class. After a month apart from this life-affirming music, their song “Roll away your stone” began to play in my head during meditation today, giving me the strange urge to reconnect with my beloved Mumford and Sons. So, here I am, sitting outside basking in the sunshine and humming along, revisiting these songs like old, cherished friends. Usually music is playing through my head 24/7, whether I like it or not. I call it my inner jukebox. However, these past 3 weeks I have been working on taming my constantly working mind, so the jukebox has been unplugged, so to speak. You can imagine my surprise when this song came into my head just when my mind was supposed to be the most silent. I suppose my inner jukebox turned back on to remind me of one important thing: I am not in this alone. “Roll away your stone” is a brilliant piece with lyrics that speak of rolling the stone away from your heart and finding your soul. (visit for the full lyrics as I cannot do the poetry justice here.) Basically, they sing about finding your true self, free from your connection to the material world. The first verse is pivotal to me: “roll away your stone, I’ll roll away mine. Together we will see what we will find. Don’t leave me alone at this time. For I’m afraid of what I will discover inside.” In this program, I am not alone in trying to find myself. I have 30 other yogis doing just the same and an amazing and inspirational support group of instructors and assistants at Frog Lotus Studio who are gently guiding us along the path to finding out who we are and who we are as teachers. It is an amazing process to behold. While we sometimes, like today, hit a wall and want nothing more than to sleep through the 6:30 am practice, I have witnessed a distinct change in each and every one of us. We have grown in more ways than one and when we leave here in a week and a half, we will be leaving with more than yoga certification. We will be leaving with a strong network of friends, colleagues, and people to turn to when we need it the most. We will be leaving with a deeper understanding of ourselves and our lives. We will be leaving with the stone rolled away… and a way to keep it away.

Listening to Mumford and Sons…. Bliss


One thought on “Roll away your stone

  1. So true and just last week I was driving Mickey up the grade after a great yoga class and singing one of Mumford and Son’s songs at the top of my lungs. See even apart we’re “samers”. I can’t wait to hear about all your adventures but I thank you so much for the blog you have been keeping because it’s really helped us feel part of your journey. Namaste honey.

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