Lean on me

I love these yogis more than anything. These 29 other participants are my soul mates. Though I have only known them for 3 weeks, I feel like they know me, the real me, better than I even know myself. And, somehow, our amazing anatomy instructor Jennilee knew that what we all needed today was a crazy dance party. So, that’s what we did: we danced the fluids of the body. Her creativity as an instructor gives each and every one of us something to aspire to. So there we were, 30 yogis of various ages, running around the room interpretive-dancing blood flow and synovial fluid. We were giddy like little kindergarteners, each having their own unique “dancing” style, yet all working together as part of the whole. Ironically, we were all sweating more than during our daily yoga class. The yogi dance party ended in a big hippie-lovin’ circle as we all belted out “lean on me,” rocking and swaying to the music, feeling the support and love of this amazing network of people. I couldn’t stop smiling… my cheeks still hurt! It felt like graduation day, and we still have over a week left. I love these people. I’m glad I get to lean on them for another week, and perhaps for the rest of my life.

Me and my fellow yogis

Saying goodbye to the vivacious Jennilee


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