Light energy

4 years ago, my college friend and roomate, Jessica, brought me to my first yoga class. My constant stress and worry about school brought too much negative energy into the apartment, and she probably just wanted me to stop fretting all of the time. So, there I was, sitting on my borrowed mat at Liberation Yoga in Los Angeles when this beautiful, calm, and soothing voice comes on the stereo system singing and chanting Sanskrit mantras. I had no idea what she was singing about, but I knew then and there that my life was about to change… even if it did take 4 years to come to fruition. After the class, I walked out in a daze as little pieces of anxiety and stress slowly fell away as flakes of snow fall off an iceberg. I turned to Jessica and asked her who sang that beautiful chant at the beginning of class. she turned to me, smiled, and said “Wah!” A week later, Jessica gave me the cd and every time I hear the album, I am transported to first ray of hope I found in my first yoga class. Today, things have come full-circle as Wah! came as a surprise to our yoga teacher training program for a chant workshop and later a community kirtan (basically a chanting party.) We all entered with bated breath, not being sure what to expect. However, when she opened her mouth to lead us in chant, lightly mingling with the moan of her harmonium, we knew that this would be a life-changing experience. This was singing without judgement, without tension, and without fear. This was singing to receive and to give. This was real singing with no attachment to the quality of sound, to the harmonics, or to staying in tune. Yet, amazingly, the natural harmonies arrived, people who never sing suddenly found their voices, and I learned to sing again. As if starting from scratch, my voice was different than ever before. Her crazy vocal, breath, and mental exercises changed everything. As I sat there bathing in the resonance, I felt at peace. I found my voice. After the program, I faced my fears, and went up to this glowing woman, told her I was an opera singer, and thanked her for changing my voice. She instantly hugged me and told me about watching operas in Milan and how she would be in California in September and would love to come see me perform. I said that I didn’t know if I would be performing in September and she just smiled and said that we would go watch one together. I couldn’t believe this international star would want to come see an opera with someone she had never met before. As I gave her my contact information, I was literally glowing with happiness. The beauty of her person truly matches the beauty of her voice.
As I walked out of the studio, in a daze, a lightening bolt struck down just about a mile away from me, filling the once blue but now cloudy sky with a bright light. The instant boom this jolt created was nothing compared to being in the presence of Wah!’s own light energy. I can’t wait for Kirtan tonight. Even more important, I can’t wait to sing again.



The amazing Wah!


3 thoughts on “Light energy

    • I hope it works out that I can! She will be in Berkley this weekend and she e-mailed me. I responded to set something up, but she hasn’t replied yet. Hopefully I hear from her soon.

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