At this minute, I am sitting on a plane bound for home. I really want to ask the man sitting next to me to pinch my arm to see if I am dreaming. I can’t believe how quickly this month past: the best month of my life. Come to think of it, I can’t believe that I am even on a plane at all in the midst of Hurricane Irene. Last night I received an email stating that my booked flight on Sunday at 6am was canceled. In fact, the whole airport will be shut down tomorrow. This message came to me in the midst of our graduation night celebration. I had already been planning on spending Saturday night in the airport, but this email meant that I might be spending a few stormy days in one of the country’s smaller airports. Normally, my brain would be working a mile a minute panicking, trying to think up a game plan, and worrying away. But, instead, whenever that little urge came up, I reminded myself that whatever is meant to happen will happen. No amount of worrying will change that. Then an amazing thing happened; I suddenly gave up the obsessive-compulsive control over my life and I had the most amazing time with my fellow yogis, despite the fact that I didn’t know where I would be sleeping the next night. It was liberating to let go of that need to control the uncontrollable. There was really nothing I could do about it, so why let it ruin my last night in the “yoga bubble”? I just trusted that I would get home eventually, when I needed to. This morning, after a heartwarming practice, graduation, and goodbye session, I piled myself into the carpool headed for the airport, ready for anything. As I stepped up to the counter to discuss my options, the booking agent immediately rerouted me on a plane leaving in 30 minutes, allowing me to arrive home late Saturday night and spend no time whatsoever in the airport. Trust is a powerful medicine. When you put the intention out there and whole-heartedly believe in it, you shall receive exactly what you need. I am completely humbled by this experience and I have learned my lesson well. -Namaste



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