Happiness is a Choice

Everyday we make the choice to smile, to frown, to let little annoyances pass us by, or allow them to ruin our lives. Happiness is a choice that we must keep choosing. It is a right that we have to keep fighting for. How many times do we allow ourselves to be caught up in the drama of getting cut-off on the freeway or being glared at by a complete stranger? How many times do we go into a vicious downward spiral simply because of singing a wrong note, forgetting a word, or not winning an audition? Should this one simple event have such a cataclysmic effect on how we perceive life, how we treat others, and how me treat ourselves? Are these little annoyances really that important? What would happen if we just let life happen and be glad to be alive to have these annoyances? Happiness is a choice; so, choose wisely.



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