Whether we give it up, take it, lose it, have issues with it, or go out of it, we all deal with control on a daily basis. Many of us want to control our lives, the lives of others, our schedules, the weather… you name it. But, there are some things that can’t be controlled and it will rip apart our psyches and make us crazy if we try. Nowhere is this more prevalent than at a singer’s audition. We try to control the voice type the judges need, the music they will want to hear, the hairstyle they will want to see, the height and weight of the singer the want, the clothes they want you to wear, etc. We tie ourselves into knots trying to gain control over a situation that is as much luck as it is skill. It is as if you tried to take control over the lottery system “if I buy 9 $16 tickets at 9:16 AM on September 16th, I will have beaten the system and will win millions.” Most people would call the above statement crazy, but would not bat an eye if a singer said “if I open with this piece, then they will pick this piece from my other 4 arias” or “if I wear this red dress, they will pick a Carmen aria” or, even worse, “if I sing this aria perfectly, I will win.” In the end, though, the entire audition process is out of your control. They may not pick you simply because the judge had a stomachache at the time of your audition. Try controlling that. When we realize that we must give up our need for control, we learn to just enjoy the process. We perform because we love to perform, regardless of the outcome. We control the one thing that we can, how we feel about our performance: and that feels good.


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