Shifting Perspective

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is upon us and with it comes the hustle and bustle and a to-do list a quarter of a mile long. There are events and parties to attend, holiday shopping to do, houses to decorate, and, if you are a performer like myself, extra holiday shows to put on. I love this time of year; yet, it always seems like there aren’t enough hours in the month. I tend to over-schedule myself while running frazzled from place to place. This month is only a microcosm of my attitude towards the rest of the year. With my schedule book chained to my side 24 hours a day, I find myself scheduling literally every minute of every day. 6:00 AM wake up, 6:30 AM yoga class, 8:00 Shower, 9:00 Work at Flower Shop, 1-2:30 teach yoga class, 3-7 Teach Voice Lessons, 7-8:30 Practice Voice, 9-10:30 Perform at local coffeehouse, 11:00 sleep. Often times, I find myself calculating the number of hours I worked and I do not feel productive unless I have worked 12+ hours. I wear my long work days as a badge of honor and pride. But, is this truly the way to measure your days? To always be thinking of the things that you HAVE to do and the number of hours you HAVE to work? To be thinking of the money that you NEED to make and how long you HAVE to work in order to make that amount? Wouldn’t it be better to realize all of the things that you get to do each day? Today I get to take a yoga class, create lovely floral arrangements which will make someone, somewhere very happy, teach yoga and change lives, share my love of the human voice with several beautiful and talented students, and perform with other talented musicians in front of an appreciative audience. Most people would love to be able to do just one of these things on a daily basis. How blessed I am to fill my hours with such life-enriching activities. So, instead of thinking about chipping away at the hours of my day, I will think about all of the things I get to do. A shift in perspective is all it takes to live in the present and enjoy the gifts that we have each been given… even if we sometimes have to work for them.

One thought on “Shifting Perspective

  1. Marissa, I love this post. It’s so true, and it’s such a challenge. That simple shift in thought is an incredibly powerful thing and I appreciate your reminder to put it into effect in my life, too!

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