Rearview mirror

Today begins the first day of my intensive audition aria training with Juliana Gondek and Rakefet Hak in Los Angeles. I will be spending 3 weeks living in LA working with them both daily to put together a strong audition package for the fall. As I was driving away from home this morning, I looked back in my rearview mirror, seeing my home town, the places where I used to climb a mountain and sing, the places where I took lessons, where I grew, changed, and became the person I am today. Sometimes we get so caught up in day to day living, that we forget to look back at the progress we have made. This weekend I was cleaning out my computer files and stumbled upon some old solo recordings that I had created in High School. Was that really my voice? That small, breathy, adorable little soprano? How did that possibly transform into this loud, bold, resonant, spinto soprano sound without my noticing the progression? How? Baby steps. We cannot get out of bed and, with no backpacking experience, decide that we are going to climb Mt. Everest that day. However, that shouldn’t stop you from planning on climbing Mt. Everest one day. You map out a strategy. You take it slow. You put one foot in front of the other, and suddenly you have found that you have made it to the top. But, before you race to the top with blinders on, stop every once in a while. Take a second to look around, look back where you came from, and see how far you’ve come. Life is a journey; enjoy the process. I know I am!



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