Fear stopped by and he said to say hello.

Last night, having settled into my temporary new home, I started up my computer to begin researching young artist programs and vocal competitions. Just then, an old friend came knocking. So I got up, opened my door, and in walked Fear. Boy, was I surprised to see him. To make matters worse, he brought along his friends Anxiety, Dread, and Self-doubt. No matter how hard I tried to block them from coming into my room, they fought back tooth and nail, made it inside, and set up camp around my desk. “This is quite a cozy room you have here. I’m glad we dropped in on you. It’s been almost a year since we have seen each other and we really must catch up,” Fear babbled as it tore into my snacks. “Actually, I was doing quite well on my own, thank you very much. I really don’t need you anymore, so could you please leave me alone now so I can get my work done?” I pleaded. “But we’re here to help. There’s so much to get done. How could you possible complete all this work and keep all of your dates and requirements straight when you are also working so many other jobs and still trying to finalize your technique and aria package?!!! It simply can’t be done. It’s not humanly possible,” Anxiety quivered. “Maybe you should put it off and take a break with us. Did you really want to do this today anyways?” Dread asked me. Then Self-doubt put in his two cents worth with “Besides, you probably are just wasting your time anyways. Your odds really aren’t all that good and how could you possibly compete with all those amazing singers out there?”
No amount of pleading or begging would bring them to leave. I poked, prodded, and practically pushed them out the door, but they wouldn’t budge and, meanwhile, I was getting nothing done.

So, after about 10 minutes of awkward silence…. the kind where the chirp of crickets sounds like a freight train…… I had enough, closed my eyes, and screamed “GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!! YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I opened my eyes, and they had vanished. I exhaled and calmly went about my work, glad to be rid of the unwelcome visitors. And, just to make sure they leave me alone, I called up my bodyguards Self-worth, Peace, and Strength and posted them outside my room. Looks like they won’t be making it back inside any time soon….. and if they try anything, strength packs a mean punch.



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