Things come into focus

Hello, my name is Marissa Bloom and I am an overachiever.

Phew. It feels good to get that off my chest!

When I was planning for my three weeks of intensive vocal study in LA, I initially thought, “wonderful! That’s only 2 hours of lessons a day; so, during the rest of the time, I can learn German, watch videos of operas, brush up my piano-playing skills, and take daily yoga classes/workshop training!” That sounds possible. Right?


If we spread ourselves thin over so many areas, ideas, and (something that I am really guilty of) occupations, how can we expect to excel in any one of them? Being present is a major part of the yogic lifestyle and so is listening to your body. What I didn’t realize is that sometimes being present doesn’t mean just being in the moment: the exact second you are in. Sometimes it also means being with whatever your current focus in life is and staying in that zone. My yoga teacher training was so effective last August due partly to the fact that I did not even think about practicing a song, working on my languages, or training my voice. I was in the yoga zone: cultivating a greater awareness over my body, which later had a drastic impact on the development of my voice… but only when I was mentally ready to sing again. “To every there is a season and a time to every purpose.” So, instead of attending an all-night kirtan (yoga chant) event last night that I was so excited to go to, I went home, I worked on my languages, I listened to my lesson recordings, and I went to bed. In the words of Sister Act, “You will sleep and you will sing. Those will be your tasks while you are within these walls.” ………..Well, and maybe just a few yoga classes……..



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