Isn’t it great that there are so many things we do not know yet?

True confession. I’ve been getting a bit hard on myself this week. When you’re in a lesson paying someone to tell you (nicely) all the things you are doing wrong, it can be easy to slip into the mental state of “I can’t do this! Why don’t I already know this? Why can’t I get it right? There is just too much for me to learn. I’ll never get it all.” This, of course, spirals out of control quite quickly if not kept in check.

Years ago during a summer program I attended, there was one participant who was never planning on being an opera singer. She had a great day job making good money, working a regular 9-5 job. She had been taking voice lessons for several years and just decided to take a music vacation. For fun. Because music was not her source of income and she simply wanted to learn more about singing. While most of the attendees knew much more about singing, acting, technique, and languages than her, she was not daunted. On the contrary, she was absolutely fascinated by everything, especially the things she didn’t know. And, she was very vocal about her excitement. We have recordings of her “oooooooo”s and “ohhhhhhhhh”s and “wow”s. Her childlike fascination with anything related to singing and performing has always stuck with me. What I approach as deficits in my technique, languages, etc, she would approach as beautiful areas of potential growth: giving you the ability to be fascinated by the wealth of knowledge out there available for our mental consumption. So, here’s to bringing this new child-like approach to my training these three weeks. Every correction will be a chance to grow, to learn something new, to move forward into new discoveries.

Thank you Gloria Grev for giving me these memories and having that fascination for learning and life. 🙂


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