Investing in life

Singing is an expensive habit. With voice lessons and voice coachings costing roughly $100 an hour (more for some folks), this 3-week audition-prep intensive will be costing me well over $3,000 plus living expenses. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Add to that my student loans from my undergraduate degree, music costs, accompanist fees, audition fees, and travel/hotel costs, and you have one of the most expensive career options ever, with a minuscule chance to recoup your investment. It’s enough to make any singer curl up in a fetal position at the ATM vestibule and cry.
I used to put so much pressure on each audition because of the costs associated…… “I paid $800 to get here so I have to get in or else I just wasted all that money!” I would say this as I ate my 3rd peanut-butter and jelly sandwich of the day, by the way, to cut expenses. And, you know what? I never won the auditions…… How could I possibly win when all I felt was the weight of my bank account pressing down on my shoulders and I hadn’t had a decent meal in days?

So, I now choose to take a different approach. This year I am going to invest in experiences. I am going to invest in me. I am going to invest in life. So what if I spend $10,000 this year on training and auditions and they don’t amount to anything? At least I will have created some amazing stories, sung for influential people, traveled around, and learned more about myself and the world around me. And, who knows? Maybe one day my investment will be returned to me…….. even if not monetarily.



2 thoughts on “Investing in life

  1. jodi says:

    If your heart is light then how can you go wrong. It will all work out and your life will be full and happy. So proud of you!!

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