The Bulldog Finds Balance

One of the greatest things I’ve learned from my yoga practice is balance. No, I’m not talking about the physical strength necessary to sustain a difficult arm balance or 1-legged forward fold, I am talking about balance in life. Just as one must have strength, endurance, and focus to maintain a tricky balance pose, one must also have flexibility, ease, and faith (mostly that you won’t fall flat on your face.) The same is true in life. To succeed and truly find balance, you must be determined, strong, and stead-fast, but you must also know when to go with the flow, be gentle on yourself, and regroup.
A friend just recently told me that the only phrase he could think of to describe me is “go-getter.” My voice teacher just called me a bulldog (pure muscle, can-do attitude, grabs life by the throat and takes no prisoners.)
Clearly, I have that strength and conviction side down…… but what I’m lacking is balance. The girl who would spend hours in the practice room until her voice was exhausted and her nerves raw, I have always had a problem with calling it quits. Constantly striving for that unattainable perfection, I often do myself more harm than good. Over the years, I have fought this urge, and found a bit more balance, but I am still a self-professed work-aholic. My “get-it-done” attitude is great for the entrepreneurial side of singing, but not as much for the artistic side.
When you think of opera singing, you don’t necessarily think of bulldogs. Perhaps attacking my voice and forcing it to do my biding is the wrong approach. Maybe all I need is to find balance, tame that wild beast that is my voice, and find equal parts delicacy, flexibility, and strength.
Looks like this bulldog needs to take some yoga classes!



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