Glimpse of Greatness

Days go by, one after the other, hour by hour, minute by minute. Often times we become caught up in the net of normalcy, the monotony of everyday life, that we forget to reach out for greatness. Once in awhile, when we are able to break free of our habits, we get a glimpse of this greatness…. If only for a fleeting moment.
Today I caught that glimpse. During my 3 week intensive study, I have made some serious progress, overcome many vocal technique problems and I have begun to glimpse exactly how beautiful, full, and flexible my voice can be. To think that 8 years ago I was entering into USC as an “undeclared” major because I didn’t make it into the vocal department. After being told throughout my vocal life that I’ll never be able to sing coloratura, that I’ll never make it to have a career, that I’ll never be a “legit” opera singer, and to have finally broken past these barriers is an amazing and fulfilling experience. There were so many times I could have given up (in fact, I was told to on several occasions), but I kept clawing my way to the top, and these brief encounters with greatness have proven to me that none of this has been in vain. These glimpses have been really short lived, for suddenly old habits and muscle memory patterns return, but the key is to make the most of these little glimpses: to cherish them, learn from them, and then allow them to grow. Slowly you begin to string them together to create something great.
This is true for singing, but it’s also true of life. Find those moments of greatness, those moment of pure joy, and begin to live for those short-lived times. Soon, you’ll find that those little moments seem to arrive more frequently until they are “moments” no longer. When your entire day, entire month, and entire life is spent present, focused, and connected to your inner greatness, then you have truly found bliss.
So, how can you glimpse your greatness today?


You can find your greatness if you only bother to turn on the light.


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