Shaking up Shakespeare

On November 25th Opera San Luis Obispo presented a Met HD broadcast of Thomas Adès’ The Tempest at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center. Honoring Shakespeare’s basic principals while updating the text and plot, the story connected to Shakespeare enthusiasts and opera newbies alike. Shakespeare’s original play contains some 16,000 words while the operatic version by Thomas Adès and librettist Meredith Oakes contains roughly 6,000 modernized words. Meredith took Shakespeare’s story and distilled it down to its most basic level. Filled with breathtaking spectacle and simplistic statements, the Met’s production of The Tempest offers an unforgettable performance of interest and intrigue. This production highlights all the things wonderful about the Metropolitan Opera. With lavish costuming, fantastical acrobatics, and heart-wrenching characterization, this production catches your eye and keeps you spellbound.

To view future fantastical productions, visit for our season lineup and more information.

See The Tempest and other Met HD live broadcasts at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center in San Luis Obispo.


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