Surrendering to Silence

They say that silence is golden, but I’ve always thought of it as more of a dingy, opaque, dull grey color. A communicator by vocation in both the vocal and yoga realm, a constant stream of words and notes come fluttering out of my mouth starting at 8:30am and ending at 10pm. I live surrounded by noises…. most of them made by me. However, that ever-present jumble of syllables keeps you chained to your thoughts and wants and needs and does not make room for that which cannot be expressed verbally. Sometimes we must shut down, turn off, and stop the clutter of utterances to actually listen whole-heartedly, whether it be to the person speaking, to your own ideas, to your body, or to the world. Sometimes we have to simply bask in the idea that life can go on without us telling it to.

Today, I am being forced into vocal rest… Perhaps my least favorite thing to do. In my excitement to begin this new phase in my vocal training, I over-sang yesterday causing my voice to be raspy and hoarse… I canceled my planned yoga class; I canceled my personal vocal practice. Tonight I have a date with my steamer and my tea kettle to try and get my voice back to health for the remainder of my two week stay. How often do we do this in our lives as well? We become so excited about learning something new or the prospects of growth that we push too hard, we dig too deep, and then when we hit rock we give up, too exhausted and broken to continue on. How many fad diets have been too severe to sustain for long? How many intense physical workouts have you begun in earnest only to quit after a few weeks? How many times have you tried to quit things, habits, and mental hurdles cold turkey giving up a few days later because your attachment was too intense to give up completely? How many New Years resolutions have you forgotten about come February? It seems that the things that stick are the things that you ease into, providing time to reflect, heal, and continue on: moving forward at what can seem like a snails pace is still moving forward.

So, today I’m pausing to give thanks for this silent message, to slow down, to take care of my voice and my body, and to enjoy the sound of silence.




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