The difficulty of -er

After having spent a week in Los Angeles, amidst the glitz and glamour, I find myself being being psychologically sucked into the land of -er’s. You know that place well. It’s the land where the belief is that if I were only taller, smarter, skinnier, stronger, prettier, richer, with clearer skin, if only all of these things were true, then I’d be happier. Billboards shout it from rooftops; store keepers proclaim it as you pass by. If only you used this product, if only you bought this fabulous dress, then you’d truly have it all. But, you see, that’s not true. As soon as you have that item. As soon as you use one of those crazy weight-loss lap belts, then you would find yourself wanting more. Clothes don’t make you feel loved. Beauty products don’t make you feel loved. Plastic surgery doesn’t make you feel loved. Take care of yourself. Buy what you need. Indulge a bit in what you want. But then leave it at that. If you love yourself, if you are truly at peace in your body and your spirit, then you won’t need the latest clothes and face creams. You will shine with a light from within. You will exude love. If you haven’t found that peace yet, no haircuts, clothes, cars, technological devices, or fancy dinners can hide the fact that you are not yet comfortable in your own skin. Invest in yourself first… and then maybe once in awhile splurge on something pretty. 🙂

“You do not have to do anything [or have anything] to be loved, and being who you are does not let others down. This needs to be repeated, and often. Simply be who you are, and love what is before you.” -Book of Awakening


These billboards stare at me through my entire commute. Driving in LA is such an odd sensory experience.


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