Finding Your Path

Throughout the course of the day we are all faced with countless choices: What should I eat? Which route should I take to work? Should I sleep in or wake up early to do my yoga before a hectic day? Should I practice my music and do research or should I listen to my body and rest? These choices may seem insignificant at the time they are made, yet these little decisions can have a drastic impact on the course of our lives. They literally create the path that your life continues on. What if you chose to eat a home-cooked vegetable stir-fry rather than running through the nearest drive-through? What if you took your “vacation time” to work on advancing towards your dreams? What if you listened to you body when it needed rest and gave it that time to revitalize?

As I reach the end of my 12 days of vocal and yoga training, I know that my money and time were well spent. Each day I became stronger both vocally and physically while finding the opportunity to spend some much needed “me” time. I gained confidence and understanding of myself and this path that I am on. When, on a regular basis, I am spending 9+ hours each day teaching, it’s so nice to give someone else the control and be guided instead. It’s so freeing to be able to focus on and push myself in the voice and yoga studio rather than always putting my students progress and health first. As my training time reaches it’s end, I am excited to return to my students to share my knowledge and help them move forward; but, I am so glad that I took this time for myself. I feel like I can give so much more to them when I have given to myself first. The small choices we make daily and even yearly will shape the rest of our lives. I know I made the right choice for me this summer. Now, what choices are you going to make today to help you move towards your own goals?



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