New Year’s Resolutions

This year I am making it my new goal to post to this blog at least 5 times a week. I have so many things I wish to say, but carving out the time to say it can often be a challenge. So I am endeavoring to connect this blog with my yoga practice as I share with you my daily struggles, thoughts, and solutions both on the yoga mat and in the vocal studio. Here’s to a 2015 out in the blogosphere!
Now that I have shared my New Year’s Resolution, here follows my first pose/post collaboration:


#NaughtyOrNiceYogi challenge day 31: sukasana/easy pose. It’s customary as the new year opens and the old year closes to stand back and take stock of how your life is progressing. But, why do we have to put so much pressure on just one day? Why can’t we look upon each day as a fresh start: a time to rebuild, reorganize, and grow anew towards whatever we are seeking? Whether the goal is tackling a difficult vocal passage, working towards an advanced yoga posture, or dealing with emotional demons, It’s far better and more productive to set a resolution each and every day that changes as the year unfolds than making grandiose resolutions that fade as soon as the last Christmas decoration is packed away. Each day, each moment, and each breath has untapped potential just waiting to be channeled. You are the one who decides where that energy goes. Make sure you make the right choices.


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