Here is a day

“Here is a day, dawn to dark, a string of moments small enough to ignore or notice, a stretch of time between awakening and sleep to be savored, or brushed aside in the rush to some distant destination. Here is a day, different from any other, with its own flavor to be tasted. The golden glow just before the sun rose held such promises as I knew must be kept–knew beyond even the nagging whisper of doubt were true–that this very day the whole perfection of the universe can be inhaled like the scent of fallen leaves, the heady fragrance of trees returning what was never theirs to keep.” Danna Faulds
Some days you just have to go out and play amongst the leaves, blades of grass, and tiny flowers hiding from the chill of a winter’s a evening. It is here that I find my peace. It is here that I find my childlike wonder. It is here that I am truly alive.
When my type A personality kicks in, whether in the voice studio or the yoga studio, and I beat myself up in the pursuit of perfection, I stop, take a breath, and head straight outdoors. There is something about the stillness of the world outside: the gentle caress of the breeze, the buzzing of a bumblebee, the melodic strains of a songbird high up in a tree, the grass tickling my toes. The outside world clears my head and grounds me. It is so easy to become wrapped up in the stresses of life and the daily grind. But when we can see the miracle in a budding bloom and the fluttering wings of a butterfly, we will recall how amazing it is just to be here in this moment.
Smile. Today is a new day to be alive.

#bestrongin2015 challenge day 11: jump through ab work. Who needs wings to fly?



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