The Miracle of the Mundane

Some days are put into our lives to test our strength, our resilience, and our emotions. It is in those trying times that we must give thanks for the small miracles of the everyday… the fact that you had just enough gas to get to the gas station, the fact that you arrived at the scene of a major car accident 5 minutes after it took place, the fact that technology can guide you around major traffic jams to get you to your voice lesson just in the nick of time, the fact that you have an interwoven support system of friends and family to lend a hand and a smile when you need a little lift, and the ability and focus to perform at your peak during an adrenaline-packed day. While I would once let these fears, worries, and stressors consume my life, ruin my day, and send me to bed crying, now they send me to my yoga mat where I bow in reverence to the miracle of the mundane. Each day is a blessing. Each moment is an opportunity. Each challenge is a lesson. Today I give thanks for the things that make me stronger and force me to grow.
#bestrongin2015 challenge day 12: anahatasana.



2 thoughts on “The Miracle of the Mundane

  1. In our lives, we’ve all drank of the water
    Heard the ocean callin’ out our names
    Some will seek and find their life’s meaning
    And some will turn their heads the other way…… David Pack

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