Do the Impossible

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” -Walt Disney
As a child, I was completed engrossed by the fictional world of books. I shared tea parties with Alice and the Mad Hatter, I rode a riverboat with Huckleberry Finn, I flew on a broomstick with Harry Potter, and I partied with Jay Gatsby. I hid from my own life by losing myself in the lives of others. Each character seemed so interesting. They had courage. They had strength. They went on adventures and made a difference in their worlds. I felt that my own little life was insignificant compared to the lives of these fascinating beings. I believed that adventure in my own life was impossible.
As I grew older, I began to look past the book and into the world around me. I saw little adventures in my own life. I saw my own courage and strength. I saw how I too could make a difference in the world. I began to see myself do what I had previously thought was impossible. I sold enough See’s candy bars to spend a month in Europe. I was admitted into the USC undergraduate vocal arts degree after taking a full semester of music classes as an “undeclared” major. I received my master’s degree in vocal arts after submitting a last-minute application and received a full scholarship and stipend. I applied for a yoga teacher training program on a whim a month before the program was to begin and had my life changed. When no one would hire me to sing, I produced a one-woman show and brought Lee Hoiby’s Julia Child to life at several venues around California. I learned to move this huge and heavy dramatic voice through coloratura in the fiendishly difficult “Come Scoglio”. Lastly, I completed 6 months of daily yoga challenge postures and achieved countless poses that I never thought possible. My life is a daily struggle as I attempt to do the impossible. But, as Walt Disney states… It’s kind of fun. Won’t you join me?

#bestrongin2015 challenge day 17: Astavakrasana. I can’t believe it! This is the third time I have attempted this pose and it was my first serious success. I was able to maintain the pose for several moments and actually crack a smile… Making progress, getting stronger, and becoming more confident.



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