In the Mirror

Every time you look in the mirror what do you see? Your imperfections? Your favorite feature? Your height? Your weight? Do you see your strength and your progress? Or do you see your failings?
Each time you look in the mirror, you have a choice: to either see your beauty or your flaws. Choose wisely.

IMG_8128 I look in the mirror and what do I see?
A thousand people staring back at me.
My mother, my father, my uncle, my aunt,
The friends I remember and those which I can’t.
I see years of hardship, strife, and pain:
The years I wished light would return again.
I see my life etched in fine lines:
The smiles, the sadness, the tears, the binds.
The months, days, hours, seconds, and more,
A lifetime of emotions, on my face I wore.
I see myself, my beauty, my strength,
I love my life, no matter its length.


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