Being an Adult is Overrated

Who wants to be stuck in the monotony of being an “adult”? Get up, go to work, pay bills, sleep, and repeat. I’m seeing some of my friends get stuck in this rut. They live for their paychecks, praying for the weekend only to spend it worrying about the coming week. They save for a vacation, but then spend those precious days off just trying to forget about their “real” lives. They get so caught up in the stresses and the deadlines that they lose sight of the joy in a sunset, the excitement of waves crashing on the shore, the beauty of shooting stars, and the giddy bliss of a night of making tiny pom-pom animals for hours with a best friend. When I find myself becoming overwhelmed by the drama of being an adult, I head outside to the nearest patch of grass, lay on my back, and look up at the clouds passing by: creating a story out of their shapes. I make a necklace out of clovers, sit and read by a tree, and giggle at the ridiculousness of all the things which were keeping me down. Life gets quite boring and overwhelming when you lose your childlike wonderment and imagination, so do something each day to keep your inner child happy. Each moment is a miracle. Each breath can teach us something new about ourselves and the world around us. Each day is a chance to open your eyes a little wider as you stare in wonder at what life may bring you next. Whether it’s on your yoga mat or in the practice room, put some life to your day and get out there and play.

#letsgetflexyin2015 challenge day 2: frog (kiss) pose. Today I am joined by my little pom-pom froggy friend who reminds me that you are never too old to play with toys. (Maybe just stretch first.)



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