Moving On

I have performed so many songs over the years that often snippets of melodies wander into my mind, creating the soundtrack of my life. Every now and again, a piece I performed at my High School graduation speaks to my soul and guides me through a melancholy moment.
“There is a voice that has no name,
It comes in evening, or behind the rain.
I have no time now to stop and explain-
I just keep moving, ’cause it helps to ease the pain.

The night has music that calls to me,
across the canyons of an endless sea.
I seek the shadows, of yesterday-
Today can’t hold me, so I must be on my way.

Speak to me softly but tell me no lies,
I see tomorrow shining in your eyes.
I have no time now to stop and explain-
I just keep movin ’cause it helps to ease the pain.”
The lyrics and haunting melody remind me that moving on really does help to ease the pain. How often do we become wrapped up in our own sadness, frustration, and anger? We dwell and wallow in our pain until it becomes our identity. We can’t find a way out and, at some point, we no longer want to let go of the pain because we don’t trust our lives without it. However, if we keep moving forward, if we keep moving on, we will ease the pain and we will be able to climb out of the hole rather than dig ourselves deeper.
My latest “moving on” technique has been channeling my energy into advanced yoga postures. Each day I have a new focus and a new goal: attempting to bring myself one step closer, one step deeper, and one step stronger. This short-term work towards long-term goals allows me to keep moving on and making progress.
Each day you have the opportunity to grow or to stay the same. Growing doesn’t always mean that life will get easier or that the journey will be straight-forward. Sometimes growing means moving backwards for awhile to retrace your steps and find a new path. Sometimes growing means pausing to reflect rather than constantly pushing through. But growing always means moving with the changing tides of life rather than getting caught in the undertow. The world spins fast; make sure you can keep up.

#letsgetflexyin2015 challenge day 18: scorpion handstand. Today, I celebrate my growth in this challenging posture… A pose I would have never even attempted 6 months ago. Moving onward and never stagnating…


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