When I grow up

Recently, while scrolling through the wonderful world of the web, I stumbled upon this photo taken by a preschool teacher who asked her students what they wanted to be when they grow up.

IMG_8491 I love the combination of joy and seriousness on the kids’ faces as they share their wildest dreams. Of course there’s the requisite “Elsa, “ballerina,” and “my mommy”, but the ones that surprised me were “ice cream worker,” “garbage man,” “witch,” and “babysitter.” It’s beautiful that the innocence of these lovely children negates any stigma towards different professions. They aren’t worried about making a salary, contributing to a 401K, or showing off for their friends. They just want to be happy. They just want to enjoy what they do.
When I was little, I knew I wanted three things when I grew up. I wanted a blue VW Beetle; I wanted to go to college; and I wanted to be Belle on Broadway. Anyone who asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up would hear me recite this list. As I got older, this list never faltered and never changed. Even through high school, those were my goals. I succeeded… at least in the first two. At 17, I used most of my life savings from working at my mom’s flower shop to purchase my dream car: a blue VW Beetle. I survived 6 years of college to get my master’s degree. But, alas, I have yet to play Belle on Broadway. However, this dream sparked my love of music and acting and led me on my current vocal path. Without this dream, who knows what my profession would have become and how different my life would be. Although our lives don’t always turn out how we had pictured them, if we hold tight to our dreams, keep our minds open, and don’t allow society to sway our decisions, our inner child can still strive towards its dream–whatever that dream may be. I hope these kids hold tight to their inner desires. Yes, kid, if you want to be a sprinkled red-frosted donut, you can be! Maybe one day there will be an operatic version of Beauty and the Beast…then I’m set.

#letsgetflexyin2015 challenge day 19: salabhasana. While wandering the streets of Morro Bay, I stumbled upon this inspiration. With the sounds of seals and sea lions ringing through the air and adorable sea otters playing in the waves, my heart was happy…and open. It’s moments like this that I feel my inner child come out. Sometimes you just have to be silly and play on the sidewalk.



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