Life Happens

IMG_8384“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” -John Lennon.
No matter how we attempt to contain it, nature will take control. Whether it’s newly grown grass breaking through concert slabs, trees growing through a fence, or weather and time slowly breaking down all that we build up: no matter how much we schedule and organize, this world has its own plan for us. An obsessive-compulsive planner, I keep my trusty schedule book and calendar with me at all times. Every moment of my day is accounted for: whether it’s teaching yoga classes, teaching voice lessons, practicing, eating, traveling, or just giving myself a 10 minute meditation break. If I ever lost this book, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. The book is really just an extension of my brain. However, try as I may to keep myself on task, sometimes life happens. Sickness occurs, cars break down, students cancel, weather caused delays, life takes over. Years ago, I would fight the changes in my schedule–kicking, screaming, and mourning the loss of control. While I still grimace every time a day does not go the way I had expected, my yoga study is teaching me the art of patience. I breath, I adjust, and I move on. No matter how tightly we hold to our plans, no matter how we schedule and organize, the world keeps spinning on its axis and throwing our lives off balance.
Keep smiling anyways and see the beauty in the breakdown.


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