Tell Your Story 

There is something beautiful about feeling a piece of history under your fingertips. You can sense the past. You can feel the lives, the breaths, the emotions that these items shared. You can witness in an instant the trials, the successes, the day-to-day beauty of each being who came before. This is what I love about antiques, museums, and history: the stories. We each have our own stories to tell. Whether we pass these stories down from generation to generation or we share them with complete strangers, our stories matter. The barista behind the coffee counter, the old man sitting on the bench, the child who walks his dog by your house each evening: they all have something to teach us if we only stop to listen. So take a moment, listen to their stories, and share your own. Remember your past, the good and the bad, and let it shape your future. Share what you have learned to help others grow. 

The fact that everyday lives can be honored for their part in this world fills my heart with joy and gratitude and the hope that I will one day be remembered for my mark on this earth. 

#journeytohandstand challenge day 5: shoulder opener


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