The snow globe effect

Life is meant to be shaken up. Force yourself to stretch beyond your comfort zone; but, then you have to let yourself settle into place. Any good yoga series is made up of poses and counter poses, moments of activity and moments of release and replenishment. Any progress worth making requires work, effort, focus, and exertion, but it also needs rest and time to regroup. If you are always shaking your snow globe, your life will always be in frantic movement: with no clarity or peace. But, if you give yourself a moment to settle, to let things slow down and clear up, then the next time you shake things up you’ll be more focused, energized, and ready to go. 

When you find yourself getting worked up, frustrated, upset, and performing under an adrenaline rush–be it in the practice room, on the yoga mat, at the computer, or in your life–pause and reflect for a moment. Give yourself time to settle down and start again. Rather than continuing the cyclone of emotion and working yourself into a frenzy, soften and breath. Let the light in once the flurries slow down and suddenly everything appears simpler, calmer, and attainable. Get out of your own way and put the snow globe down. You never know how things might settle into place. 

 #journeytohandstand challenge day 12; handstand prep. I spend so many hours on the road that it’s a blessing to stumble upon a little park and rest stop where I can stretch it out, get my blood pumping, and let my mind settle… if only for a few moments. 


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