Growing Green

May the road rise to meet you/May the wind blow at your back/May the sun shine warmly on your face/May the rain fall softly on your field/And until me meet again/May God hold you in the palm of his hand.  -Irish BlessingHappy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀 I love holidays. I especially love that St. Patrick’s Day marks the heart of Spring for us Californians. It’s fitting that St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the color green. All I want to do during the Spring is roll around in the newly grown grass, bury my nose in flowers, and gaze in wonderment at the green hills and mountains. Throughout my childhood, I would be so excited that winter was over by St. Patrick’s Day that I would dress as a leprechaun, green cape and all, and hand out gold chocolate coins. I didn’t care that my schoolmates looked at me with part confusion and part disgust, I put on Celtic music, danced a jig, and ate only green food the entire day. Yes, this might be construed as eccentric, but I was just having fun and  enjoying every opportunity to celebrate life. I was being true to myself and enjoying the process. Though there were snickers, jibes, and whispers as I walked down the halls of school, I carried my head high and didn’t let the bullying change me. I never tried to fit in or hide in the crowd. While I may have walked alone through much of my childhood, I walked proud and kept my creativity and sense of self throughout. As the years passed, I slowly began to find my “tribe.” If you are true to yourself, you will inspire others to emerge from the dense fog of convention and step into their own skin. The friends and family who have stuck by me and my wacky ways over the years value and support my ridiculousness because they see that it brings me joy; and, in turn, it entertains and brings them joy. Who needs to fit in, anyhow? Stand out boldly and express yourself, whatever that means for you.

 While I no longer dress as a leprechaun, I still celebrate, dress in green from head to toe, and play Celtic music for my yoga classes. Everyone I come in contact with gets a lucky shammrock and an Irish blessing. And, the crazy thing is, people love it. It is so seldom that we, as adults, get to play dress up or wear stickers. Why not take every opportunity we can to play and celebrate the simple act of being alive?  So, go wear some green, eat some greens, and enjoy the green outdoors. It’s spring!!!#journeytohandstand challenge day 17: Vasisthasana/side plank. Today I decided to shift my perspective of this pose. Our bodies are full of lines and angles and our physical postures reflect that. What if we take those angles and exaggerate them? What if we enhance our practice by stepping outside of the norm and finding a different relationship to gravity? What if we trust our minds, our strength, and our balance to step outside the confines of a yoga mat and into the world’s playground? Crazy things will happen! (Including a newfound gratitude for level ground). 


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