You choose…

There are some things we just can’t change. It’s called reality. What we can change is how we choose to perceive and interact with that reality. We can choose our moods. We can choose our perception of life’s events. We can choose how we interact with the life going on around us. 

Being an opera singer is, in reality, one of the hardest professions to break into. Being any musician, in fact, is a big challenge. Only the strong survive. Only those who have the stamina, mental, and emotional strength to maintain their self-worth in the rough waters of this career can withstand the trauma, stress, and constant barrage of criticism and rejection. We can’t change the reality of the competitive and tumultuous career. We can either give up our art completely and move on, or we can choose how we approach the challenges that we must face. Instead of dwelling on the hostility and jealousy that competition can bring, we can enjoy the opportunity to constantly strive to better ourselves and our voices. Instead of worrying that opera is a lost art and that the audience is literally dying out, we can see this as a call to interact and appeal to younger generations and find new ways to connect to a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Instead of crying out about the long hours, cost of training, and small pay, we can focus on the indirect benefits of our training. We can recognize our improved physical health and wellbeing. We can see the mental coordination and one-pointed focus that our practice contributes to. We can bear witness to our increased self-confidence and ability to present ourselves. We can revel in the fact that we are doing what only a small percentage of the population is doing: we are following through with a dream. Every competition we attend, every rejection letter we endure, every word of criticism we have to ingest, we can choose how we perceive the event. We can change our focus and zero in on the constructive rather than the negative. We can see how the trials we go through on the road towards vocal success shape our entire lives. 

Life is what it is, but we decide how life affects us. We choose our thoughts, our emotions, and our outlook, so be sure you make the right choices. 

#journeytohandstand challenge day 21: double-leg kick up into handstand. Spring has sprung! California is green and sunny and that makes my heart happy. ❤️


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