Wake from your Winter Slumber

 “Meet me where flowers break through years of impossible cement. Meet me in the black-blue of dawn, where excuses can’t see in the dark. Walk me out of this night, I’ve been sleeping for 100 years, my body forgot how to speak in full sentences. I’ll meet you in an open field, without the broken windows of regret. I’ll burn this house of expectations to a ground of wild grass. There are a million birds soaring the sky of us.” -Andréa Balt 

Today the skies opened up, the sun glowed through the clouds, and suddenly the world seemed alive. The sleeping vines stretched their limbs and hugged the trellis. The dew sparkled on the leaves and added a glimmer of delight to the coming season. The green shoots burst forth from the tired trees as they shook off their winter coverings. It was as if the winter slumber was slowly awakening into the bounty of spring. As I look upon this splendor, I feel that my body and mind are waking up as well. Life is renewed and beautiful. It’s spring. Wake up and enjoy. 

 #journeytohandstand challenge day 27: scorpion handstand. This morning, as I drove through the tiny, sleepy town of Santa Margarita, I saw this vibrant blue building standing out amongst the rows of dark wood homes and white stucco. The newly risen sun sparkled off of the tin roof and square glass windows, inviting me to come play. Pulling off of the highway, I jumped into a spontaneous handstand and expressed my gratitude to this building for reminding me to live my life in color, be bold, and stand out from the crowd. Never miss and opportunity to be inspired, even if it’s from a brightly painted building on the side of the road.



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