Shine on, little firefly 

When I was little, I spent my summers with family on the East Coast. A California girl, I was dazzled by the ever-blinking beauty of the fireflies. My family was always trying to get me to catch the fireflies in a mason jar to make a lantern. I realize that’s what kids do, but I protested each time. Why would I try to capture these beautiful creatures? When we put them in a cage, we stifle their light; they can’t burn as bright. Slowly, their strength and brightness becomes suffocated until their light goes out. Though the other children would delight in capturing the poor creatures, I would sneakily free the fireflies from their traps whenever the children tired of them. What can I say, I was a rebel. 

How often do we attempt to capture someone else’s light? We see someone burning brightly with passion and inspiration and we want to take that energy for ourselves. In a fit of jealousy or greed we take all that they will give us or try to darken their light with unkind words or thoughts. We seek to make them appear less strong due to our own insecurities and weaknesses because we believe that will make us appear stronger. But what if we just let them shine? What if we free those beautiful fireflies from their mason jar cage and find inspiration from their light? What if we tried to join them, burning just as brightly, instead of trying to dampen their strength? What if?  

 #journeytohandstand challenge day 29: titibasana/firefly. 


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