Today I was rifling through some old papers from my Yoga Teacher Training with Frog Lotus Yoga and I found the following quote written in my well-loved notebook: “If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.” When the world weighs you down, we begin to believe that our neighbor’s grass is greener. We feel that our best friends have amazing careers handed to them on a silver platter, that our competitors have all the luck, and that no one deals with all of the problems we experience on a daily basis. But, we never know the struggle others are going through. You don’t know the health or money difficulties the woman who beat you in the vocal competition is experiencing. You don’t know how much struggle the guy on the front cover of yoga journal went through to nail that perfect handstand. We only see the public glories, not the private sacrifices. We see everyone else’s highlights when we are experiencing our own difficult backstory. Yet, if everyone we were jealous of and everyone who we want to trade places with came together to share, we’d pick our own problems every time. We know how to handle the things life throws at us. Our minds, personalities, and strengths are geared towards the difficulties that we have to go through. We all have our problems, and those problems are tailor-made to our ability to persevere and learn from each experience. So, the next time you are envious of another’s “easy” life or seemingly endless supply of luck, remember that we are all fighting our own battles and be grateful for the few problems you have. So, grab your own problems back and savor them. They’re just perfect for you.  

 #detoxyobody challenge day 2: revolved warrior pose. Some days you turn a corner and stumble upon something lovely. Today I found this old advertisement lovingly preserved for decades by the residents of Santa Margarita, Ca. Honoring the past is just as important as preparing for the future. 


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