Spring Cleaning 

 There is a reason why we do spring cleaning. We clear out all of the clutter accumulated over the winter months. We open up the windows and let a little air in. We tidy up the place to enforce our more active seasons. Shouldn’t we do the same to our bodies? In the winter, the cold freezes up the joints, tenses up the muscles, and compresses down the bones all in an effort to keep our core warm. But once the temperature raises, it’s time to let all that go. Open up the body and let the sunshine in. Twist it out and get the blood flowing back to the extremities. Open up your mind and set new intentions for the coming months of activity and productivity. Check in with your eating habits and trade the heavy winter comfort foods for lighter seasonal fare to enjoy the bounty that spring can provide. Free yourself from the low and slow energy of the winter and get out there and move. It’s time for a little spring cleaning of your being!  

 #detoxyobody challenge day 8: parivrta triconasana/ revolved triangle. 


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