We all have those moments when we feel like our lives are falling apart: when life doesn’t go as we plan, the things we wish for don’t come true, and we buckle under the pressure. When my life seems to be falling apart at the seams, I picture the lotus. 

One of my favorite analogies in yogic lore has always the story of the lotus. The daughter of a florist, it seems fitting that a flower would be my mudra of choice. But, my connection to the lotus lies deeper than that. This gorgeous flower, the symbol of perfection, grows from the darkest, mirkiest waters. Found in green ponds and black lakes, the lotus pods dive deep to the bottom of the water. Struggling for survival in the absence of light, they slowly grow upwards, never doubting that they will eventually reach the light. Finally, through all the algae and grime, the stalk reaches the sunlight. It’s hard work paid off, it bursts forth in the most spectacular, lush, and symmetrical bloom in the floral world. 

If you are going through one of those moments in your life and you can’t see the light through the darkness, just remember that you are the lotus right now: struggling through the gunk and striving towards the sunlight. The greatest beauty can be found in those who survived the darkest waters. 

 #detoxyobody challenge day 9: lotus pose. Some days are hard. The rough winds of life blow and beat about us until we feel we will crack under the pressure. Fighting against it will only make things worse. Instead, stop and soften into it, go with the flow and allow the winds of life to take us to better days. For better days always lie ahead.  



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