This simple portrait of a young girl hangs in the galleries of the Huntington Library. During my years at USC, I would drive myself down to the gardens to sit and stare at this painting. Surrounded by more famous and noteworthy paintings, this small, unassuming portrait stole all of my attention. I found myself lost in the delicate sadness of her eyes, the soft shadow over her face, the simple beauty of her dress, and the regal jaunt of her hat. I sat wondering what she was thinking, wondering what her life was like, wondering of her loves and losses. Real art intrigues you, makes you ask questions, and opens up your battered heart to the world. Good art makes you learn something new about yourself, your point of view, and your world.

Some pieces of art just speak to me. They call to me. They haunt my dreams. Some art I could stare at for days on end and never feel like I’ve seen it fully. Some pieces of music I could listen to on loop without ever tiring of them. Some books I could read thousands of times and still glean new information. These are the works that inspire me to strive towards greatness. These are things that make me yearn to leave such a mark on others with my own humble art. 

#detoxyobody challenge day 15: parighasana. Look at things from a different perspective. Open your eyes to something new. The world is beautiful and so are you.  



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