Fight On 

When I first visited my alma mater, the University of Southern California, I knew this school was my perfect fit because of their motto. “Fight On” is the story of my life. I’ve always been a fighter. Few things have come easy. From a constant struggle with my weight to my lack of “natural” talent as a singer, I have had to work long and hard for everything I have achieved. So many times I have wanted to give up–to throw in the towel and let go of my dreams and aspirations; but then, a voice inside me calls out “fight on” and suddenly I’m back at it once again. Life is a challenge-face it head on and never give up the good fight. 

 #detoxyobody challenge day 24: Me and my Mini stumbled across this tree pushing its way through the cracks in the sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles. Fighting through the concrete and graffiti’d bark, this tree was thriving and taking back the space that was rightfully its own. In the places where city dwellers had tried to contain it, the tree grew stronger and more flexible, twisting its roots to the surface to break through. When life puts up concrete barriers and roadblocks around you, bend around them and break through. By bending, you will become stronger in new places. By breaking through, you will find new freedom. 


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